Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Resolutions are not easy to attain when you live with scattered thoughts.

I am beginning to think I am a walking "pinterest" posting.  You know, if you viewed me with 3D glasses I would just be alot of words and pictures moving along the sidewalk.  If I could just harness my multiple moods and personalities I might actually accomplish something.  Every year I take the time to write down some resolutions.  This year they are particularly vague which really just means I am cutting myself a tremendous amount of slack in accomplishing something in 2013.  In my youth I was so focused, always hitting the milestones someone else set for me in school.  Once on my own however, I began to drift, an anchor less ship.  That might be my problem this year, as I head into the second year of my divorce.  I spent alot of time in my marriage trying to live up to the expectations of others, and now I am on my own again (thank you Willie Nelson) and I can not for the life of me figure out what is next.  Well no excuse for not striving for some sort of resolution to my uncertain future...here goes:

1)  Take Chances.  Suppress my natural reticent nature for all things unpredictable.  I have lived on this earth long enough to know that the best times are not planned and spontaneity is God's gift to  obsessive human beings.  This year I pledge to step off a few ledges, even though they may only be five feet off the ground.

2)  Strive for Fiscal Solvency.  Apparently, Congress and I are on the same wavelength.  I am hopeful that once my debts are paid in the first part of 2013 I can actually build up a savings account that does not make me weep when I look at the balance.  It would really like to avoid gasping in shock when the cashier gives me my total in the grocery store.  This is the year I hope to spare myself from the humbling act of removing items from my cart at check out time.

3)  Practice Satisfaction.   A most difficult action which first requires resolving old hurts, praying for those I felt have harmed me and accepting my unconventional lifestyle.

4)  Take care of my own health.    Always makes my list and I am always falling short on this resolution.  I was injured as a child and am adverse to visiting doctors.  My current doctor is an energetic young man who I hope to see at least three visits this year.  He helped me through a bout of cancer and always takes the time to listen attentively when I see him.  Probably because it happens so infrequently. 

5) Think of someone else.   God bless those really good and kind people, like most of my family members, who put others first.  For me, I have to work at goodness it is not my first inclination. 

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