Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Lunacy is only scary if you expect to live a normal life. 

This is a fictional blog based on a factual life.   There was a movie when I was a kid called " Diary of a Mad Housewife."  I think it was Paula Prentiss or Anne Bancroft or some dark haired wild eyed woman who played the part of the frustrated housewife trapped in 1950's or 60's utopia.  I remember thinking at the time that not conforming was a good thing.  After almost a quarter century of marriage I have come to realize that the institution does not suit me.

Eight months ago I divorced my husband.  When I first decided I would blog about my mixed up relationship with my new found single status all I could imagine was a lovely British woman narrating my story.  Of course if my ex-husband was Colin Firth I would have no need to be blogging on about my descent into chaos since he is the perfect english gentleman and I would pledge to love him forever. 

Unfortunatly, I am neither British or refined; I am not in control of my mental faculties on most days; and fortunatly I was not married to Colin Firth since I would have a hard time leaving him.  I also have no idea how to be divorced.

It is my intention starting today, Christmas, and each holiday to blog about my return to good humor and all things rational.  Since the days leading up to this decision have been filled with activities that were designed to really just distract me from my altered state, I will spare you at this time the details of my unsound mind (I did bake at least fourteen dozen cookies in two days just to give you a hint).

I will most likely take on a number of characteristics during this exercise but please bear with me.  I am simply trying out different personas in an effort to settle on my true self...if that is possible...

On that note I will be back with my resolutions at the first of the year.


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  1. Lunacy is only scary if you expect to live a normal life. I love that! And "blurry around the edges" is an apt description for my life as well. Perhaps it's one reason we've stayed in touch over the years. I used to bang my head against the wall in an attempt to make lunacy less frightening...before finally realizing it's best to let it in the front door and embrace it before it leaves again.