Sunday, April 6, 2014

Regal Obsessions

Royals in any form represent the best and worst human conditions...

This weekend I discovered the TV show Game of Thorns...I mean Thrones.  Now in keeping with my own Scotch (just a shirttail) heritage I am an economic TV viewer which basically translates to power watching the series since it is for free this week in HD.  What truly amazes me is my addictive personality and inability to view the damn thing except in chronological order.  Since I am the classic binge watcher at this point I only recognize the characters by their outfits, color descriptions of their garments and castles plunged into darkness or light in their native and not-so native lands.  For some reason I relate best to the misfits in the series; the bastards, prostitutes and of course the little guy Tyrion Lannister who is absolutely the best character on the show.  Well let me correct that, I do not like torture and did a fast forward through the Ramsay Snow he is a bastard!

I actually was dreaming in thrones last night and think I had a vision that Jon Snow is going to win the whole game along with a suitable queen I have not yet seen in my visions.  What is counter intuitive is that his Heathcliff good looks are in the North country while the Dragon Lady Daenerys Targaryn and her very Nordic appearance is in the South. I want more order to the insurrections and more disorder to the every day mass killings, torture and other gratuitous violence.  Finally after six months of listening to the buzz I understand that the Red Wedding was in fact a bloodbath that wiped out the most loving and honorable characters in the storyline...

So, where does this leave me at the moment?  It is finally our first nice weekend sans all remnants of snow and I have some choices to make.  I could be the responsible and balanced individual I live with each day, take the time to go outside and clean up my yard, take a walk or go view some open houses.  But this logical approach to my Sunday would prevent me from parking in front of the television and charting all the relationships I have only begun to comprehend in the Game of Thrones.  On the one hand I am facing some hard decisions I need to address concerning purchasing a new castle, going into servitude to pay my debts and committing to another four years in either Chicago or the land across the great water, Michigan.  On the other hand (which unlike Jaime Lannister I still have both) I could start filling in the brackets and the storylines I missed at Winterfell, King's Landing, Castle Black, Dragonstone and Quarth.

It pains me to admit that even this heavy dose of Thrones will not loose the change from my pocket and therefore it may be a year before I can view the new season premiering tonight.  After all, I must have a chariot and in order to buy such an extraordinary beast I must be my own Master of Coin.

Alas, fear not my loyal readers my momentary lapse into sorta oldish English will only last until I complete season three.

Fantasy it is all I need to top off the weekend is to get me one of those dragons eggs and raise my own little fire breather...think they like S'mores?


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